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Oh my gosh!!!! Your poems are completely wonderful you have such amazing talent and your words are just utterly beautiful!!! Whatever you do in life you will prosper beyond reason :) How old are you?

First: Thank you. Compliments like these make me pinch myself to make sure I’m not as crazy as I feel when I read things so nice. I think I’m an optimist, but I never learned to trust myself, so it doesn’t really matter… if that makes sense…

If it doesnt, here: I believe that people are good, that the world is not an at least equal and opposing force to happy, that my parents will live to see my children, that I will live to have and see my children, that God knows my name even when i dont know HisHersIts, that my back and shoulders will be strong enough to carry tomorrow, that my legs will allow me to catch the man im chasing down in this growth process, that she will still like me - will come to love me - in spite of all my unloveable, and that the words I write make sense; I write about movement, and worry that I’m the only one dancing. I just have such a hard time believing in my belief that I end up spending most of my life looking down at my feet and not into eyes.

I say all of that to say: when my parents call me, or I can feel my growth, or I notice God’s hand moving pieces on my chessboard, or when she finds new scars and kisses them, or when I get notes like this, I learn to trust my writing and myself a little bit more. So, again, thank you. For helping me believe. I have more to say, but you’re probably tired of reading, and this flight attendant is side-eyeing the everlivingshit out of me, so im going to stop here.

Oh. Right. You asked a question. I’m 26.65-ish years old. Plus or minus.

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