gangsta-nerrrd asked:

Where does the bulk of your inspiration come from? Are you rendered sweet by the colors of the dawn? Vulnerable at the scent of a woman's perfume? Emotional when you think about all the stars that we can't see? Do you get your exigence from religion? Do you inspire yourself, maybe narcissistic, maybe just self-sustainable? What inspires you to feel, to write, to move, to listen, to speak, to sing, to love, and experience?

Hey. I meant to answer this a long time ago, but I never got to it. There’s just so much here to talk about.

I’m going to just take that first question and do my best for you:

The bulk of my inspiration comes from the foolish part(s) of me. It’s really easy to let the world strip you of your dice-roll. I am willing to rabbit-hole with the thought that illogical hope and dreams and love will happen, here. I don’t put money on it, because I’m not rich enough to do that, but I try to write from a place of risk. I try to ask myself “what would it be like if I were all-in on this hand?”

I come up short so often… It feels like… I try, but I fail, a lot. I write safe things instead of scary things, a lot. I don’t say that I think she’s wonderful, enough, and I also tell her more than I probably should because I’m used to having to convince people to stay. I don’t let silence hang and breathe, enough — I try to fill it with things that makes truth less awkward and some times that silence would probably turn into poetry, if I’d let it. I don’t know.

The bulk of my inspiration comes from all the things that I’m convinced will convince people that I’m crazy if I say out loud; the things I’m just too crazy to keep quiet.

Anonymous asked:

Would you rather pursue or be woo'd?

There is something inspiring about pursuit.

Whether the pursuit of dreams, of love, of life.

There is something equally humbling about being seen by someone as more than you see yourself as.

A power in being reminded that you can be the moon to someone. That you can show them light in darkness, and not just when it’s already beautiful out.

If I were able to get to choose the way my life works (I’m not, by the way), I would want to be inspired. But being inspired alone get’s old fast. I want to show you the passion you remind me I’m capable of, and then to see what you do with it. There is very little on the planet more deflating, painful, frustrating, and depressing than feeling like you are the only person in the relationship that feels the way you do… You know that you can’t make someone feel what you feel, but you can’t help but hope that the lightbulb goes off for them and they are able to see what you see. And so you wait, at least for what feels like forever. Hoping that if that’s going to happen, that it happens before you take light into the dark with someone who can appreciate your brilliance.

Whether you’re pursuing or being pursued, that’s what it’s about… right?

It’s about seeking out, or being humbled by Light.

It’s about Passion.

The people who make you feel, or want to feel, like you are more than you know how to be of yet.

I want to be inspired to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I want to be inspired to grow. I want to think outside of my box for you.

So however I come to know it, I appreciate light.

Stand at the end of a dark tunnel. I will walk towards you.

Stand here next to me and erase the dark, and I’ll stay here and read by you, to you, in you, of you… (and other prepositions, too).