Anonymous asked:

why are you so smug?



Having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one’s achievements.

self-satisfied - complacent - conceited

(-_- )

Me? Oh. Welp. Following is optional in every medium (unless you’re a blood relative, in which case: “Sorry, guys.”).

And I have even more great news (see next graph):

Un-following me, this week only, is on sale. We’re actually giving out FREE TRIALS, down from the normal price of $0.38 with a $0.38 instant rebate. So you know. Do what you have to do, I guess.

Jokes aside. I really struggle with my self-confidence. I wish that it made more sense to me, or came more naturally. The truth is I’m kind of always surprised when people read, like, follow, tweet, text, call, hang out. Well. Not the first time, because sometimes people think I’m pretty. But the second time, when I haven’t scared them off, I’m always really surprised.

And then I look in the mirror afterwards, do this, and say nice things to myself.


(Not joking.)